Philanthropy and Communal Development Support is in my blood. I believe that companies are much more than wealth creation platforms for ownership. Prior to August 2021, I supported many ethically and socially responsible initiatives that provided better lives to young Afghan women and men.

Youth Education & Culture

★ 100’s of internships
★ 1000’s of Scholarships to University & University Prep
★ 100’s of musicians, filmmakers and creatives sponsored


★ Prime Sponsor of Afghan Premier League
★ Sponsorships for dozens of athletic teams and hundreds of athletes
★ Developed a standard football pitch for youth teams


★ Operated 200 bed Rahmani hospital
★ Sponsored dozens of local clinics
★ Free preventative and ambulatory care for the needy.

Disaster Relief

★ Rebuilding basic infrastructure for poor communities
★ Rebuilding bridges, roads, wells, mosques, sewerage systems, etc.
★ Cash and life support assistance for victims of disaste

Unfortunately, due to the recent changes in the political environment in Afghanistan, I was forced to move all my activities away from the country. I wanted to do so much more for the country and the youth of Afghanistan.

Support for the People of Afghanistan