Virtual Meeting with Ms Flick Drummond MP and Ms. Shabnam Nasimi,

Virtual Meeting with Ms Flick Drummond MP from the United Kingdom and Ms. Shabnam Nasimi, Executive Director of Conservative Friends of Afghanistan on Intra Afghan Peace Process

Continuing with the series this week, On March 24, 2021, Mr Haji Ajmal Rahmani had a virtual meeting with Ms. Flick Drummond an MP from the United Kingdom, and Ms. Shabnam Nasimi, Executive Director of Conservative Friends of Afghanistan.

MP Drummond is a member of the Conservative Party, Officer of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Afghanistan, and Patron of the Conservative Friends of Afghanistan. She is also the Chair of the Women, Peace and Security All Party Parliamentary Group.

The United Kingdom has been a staunch ally of the Afghan people. Over the past twenty years the United Kingdom has made great military sacrifices, contributed a significant amount of financial aid, and provided much needed capacity building support to Afghanistan’s redevelopment.

The conversation covered the latest developments in the intra-Afghan peace process, including the Moscow Meeting last week, and the upcoming meetings in Turkey. They discussed the constructive role Parliament can play at the negotiating table, and in implementing a sustainable peace agreement. They also discussed Parliament’s promise to protect women’s rights through the peace process, and preserve the gains women have made in society over the past twenty years.

Mr. Rahmani is pleased with the support UK Parliament and Conservative Friends of Afghanistan has shown for all Afghan people including those living in the UK. He appreciates their willingness to enhance working relationships between the Afghan Parliament and UK Parliament to help build a better future for the people of Afghanistan.