Virtual Meeting with Chairman of the U.K. Parliament’s Defense Committee

Virtual Meeting with Chairman of the U.K. Parliament’s Defense Committee, Mr. Tobias Ellwood to discuss the current security situation and the peace process

Recently, the DPPC had the privilege of hosting a virtual meeting between MPs Haji Ajmal Rahmani, Mir Haidar Afzaly, and the Chairman of the U.K. Parliament’s Defense Committee, Mr. Tobias Ellwood.

Prior to entering Parliament, Mr. Ellwood served in the British army, Royal Green Jackets, and reached the rank of Captain. He currently serves as the Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East and served as a UK Government Minister at the Ministry of Defence from 2017 to 2019. He was also a Parliamentary Advisor to the Prime Minister for the 2014 NATO Summit and a member of the Parliamentary Delegation to the NATO Assembly in 2014.

In the meeting, they discussed the importance of good governance, and anti-corruption efforts, particularly in overseeing the aid money to the Afghan government and ANDSF and preserving the gains of the past 20 years in a post-withdrawal Afghanistan. Describing the serious challenges posed to the ANDSF in the aftermath of an unconditional troop exit, the MPs urged Mr. Ellwood for the UK's continued diplomatic, humanitarian, and security assistance. The MPs also thanked the U.K. for its recent diplomatic initiative to boost the Afghan peace process and asked for the continuation of such efforts.

They also talked about the structure of the Afghan political system and acknowledged how there’s a significant demand for a decentralized form of government since the current heavily centralized system does not fully respond to the needs of all Afghans.

Mr. Ellwood voiced strong support for our efforts in Parliament and committed to enhance the working relationship between Parliament and the U.K. to attain common goals and create a better future for Afghanistan. The DPPC is grateful for Mr. Ellwood’s time and his sincerity towards the Afghan people.