Meeting with General Austin S. Miller, Ambassador Cornelius Zimmermann

Meeting with General Austin S. Miller, Ambassador Cornelius Zimmermann, Lieutenant General Richard J. Cripwell Miller, Major General Andrew P. Poppas, Brigadier General John W. Brennan Jr., H.E. Alhaaj Mir Rahman Rahmani and other US and Afghan officials.

On September 17, 2018, Haji Ajmal Rahmani attended a key meeting where the Senior USG, NATO/RS and Afghan leadership gathered in Parwan. Principal participants in this high-level event included General Austin S. Miller (Commander of NATO's Resolute Support Mission and U.S. Forces – Afghanistan), Ambassador Cornelius Zimmermann (NATO Civilian Representative in Afghanistan), Lieutenant General Richard J. Cripwell Miller (Deputy Commander of NATO's Resolute Support Mission and U.S. Forces – Afghanistan), Major General Andrew P. Poppas (Commanding General, Operations and Commander 101st Airborne Division), Brigadier General John W. Brennan Jr. (Deputy Commanding General, Operations), their respective teams from USG/RS, H.E. Alhaaj Mir Rahman Rahmani (Chairman National Economic Commission and MP), H.E. Fazluddin Ayar (Governor of Parwan), H.E. Governors of Kapisa and Kabul, Members of Parliament, Elders, leaders of the Business Community and Youth from Kabul, Kapisa and Parwan were among the honored guests of the gathering.

During his remarks, General Miller alluded frequently to the youth of Afghanistan and emergent generations, stressing the importance of their role in the continued positive progress of the Nation. General Miller also called upon prominent businessmen to strengthen the nation and provide opportunities to the People of Afghanistan, urging them to invest their capital in securing a brighter future and establishing a safe, strong Afghanistan. Haji Ajmal Rahmani conducted a one-on-one discussion with General Miller, where Mr. Rahmani discussed Safety, Security and Progress of US- Afghan relationship and shared his passion for finding better solutions for Afghanistan in conjunction with its’ International Partners. The two also rekindled the relationship formed when General Miller first came to Afghanistan and further built upon shared experiences from General Miller’s most recent command experiences in Afghanistan.

Haji Ajmal Rahmani also had a detailed one-on-one discussion with Ambassador Zimmermann, specifically engaging in a strong dialogue surrounding the upcoming Afghanistan Parliamentary elections. This conversation concluded with agreement on both frameworks for and ideas on how to assure Free and Fair Elections, enabling the People of Afghanistan the ability to exercise their rights in selecting their parliamentary representatives. Mr. Rahmani’s focus was on the importance of election participation, developing solutions to overcome corrupt electioneering practices, the importance of transparency within the electoral process, empowering women to establish opportunities for active involvement in elections as well as in other societal areas, establishing compelling opportunities for the nascent the human capital of Youth of Afghanistan and providing them with access to the best opportunities. Ambassador Zimmermann was thoroughly impressed by Mr. Rahmani’s educational background, commitment to work for improvement of Afghanistan and investments in uplifting youth. AMB Zimmerman and Mr. Rahmani concurred on the value of establishing an ongoing partnership and established recurring follow up meetings to accelerate the momentum established in developing a better Afghan future.

Haji Ajmal Rahmani continues tireless efforts supporting the betterment of Afghanistan and his Brothers and Sisters, driven to establish additional venues and opportunities for People of Afghanistan to attain prosperity, strengthening the cooperation with International Partners in support of critical development efforts and focused solutions to real issues and concerns of the nation. Mr. Rahmani firmly believes in the talent and potential of Afghanistan and knows “TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE, TOGETHER WE SUCCEED, Divided we fall!”